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In many states, those served with protective orders are not

250 words it’s barely enough to get your fingers loosened up on the keyboard. Reading through the submissions has been a pleasure.In microfiction, we want every word to count. A dramatic indication of this attention to detail is that for all three winning stories, the title doesn’t just serve as a label, but rather adds a whole other dimension to our understanding.In the case of Step Mom, for instance, the title is actually a key to the piece, attuning us to the painful mix of intimacy and alienation this woman experiences.

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pandora necklaces One of the lesser known battlegrounds of the gun violence debate is the relationship between firearms and restraining orders. In many states, those served with protective orders are not required to surrender their guns, even if gun related threats have been made. Now, stats are surfacing that suggest seizing firearms in circumstances like these could prevent domestic homicides.. pandora necklaces

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pandora bracelets Perhaps the reason many people believe that Google retains deleted information forever lies in the vagueness and ambiguity of the Google position on the subject. In its latest data retention policy, Google states that it keeps multiple copies of user emails in case it becomes necessary to restore them. Google goes on to state that deleted mail and deleted accounts will remain in their system for “some limited period of time” before being removed pandora bracelets.